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Boleyn offers you the whole London LEZ installation package. Our price includes

  • Supply of your optimum exhaust system
  • Installation of your LEZ system at our premises by experienced qualified technicians
  • All consumables and fabrication of bespoke brackets
  • Test the system with our VOSA smoke tester
  • LEC Certification for your finished LEZ solution
  • Pre vehicle check including smoke test*
  • Manufacturer's warranty
Questions answered Boleyn vehicle specification sheet Changes from January 2012
From 3 January 2012, the current emissions standards are changing and more vehicle types will be affected. These include:
Lorries | buses | coaches | heavy specialist vehicles |

Currently, these vehicles need to meet the Euro III standard for particulate matter (PM), but as of 3 January 2012 this will be raised to Euro IV standard for PM:

Vehicles first registered as new on or after 1 October 2006 will meet the Euro IV standard.

Find out more about the 2012 changes and how they'll affect your vehicle

Larger vans, minibuses and specialist diesel vehicles
As of 3 January 2012, these vehicle types will be affected by the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) for the first time. If you own this type of vehicle, it will need to meet the Euro 3 emissions standard for PM to be driven within the LEZ.
Vehicles first registered as new on or after 1 January 2002 will meet the Euro III standard.

*Inspection is compulsory and is carried out to ensure your vehicle is in an appropriate condition for the installation and it has a history of regular service and maintenance. This includes initial smoke test amongst other checks. Vehicles not on regular maintenance schedules or emitting exessive oil may not be appropriate for installation and may increase the frequency for cleaning of filters due to soot blockage. Failure to comply with the test and have no regular maintenance will void the Manufacturer’s warranty.

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